Jitendra Kumar

Name: Jitendra Kumar(Social Activist)

Birthday: 10th Oct,1990

Age: 32 Years

SunSign: Capricorn

Known As: Founder of Xpert Times and CEO of Times Of UP

Born Country: India


Wife: Anjali Singh

Father: Banwari Lal

Mother: Pooran Devi

Who is Jitendra Kumar?

Jitendra Kumar is an Indian author and activist from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is known as a founder of Xpert Times and appointed the CEO of Times of UP news media. It became a moment of pride for the hathras community to see an Hathras-born make it to the list of the businessmen in the social marketing and Jitendra Kumar’s life story is worth a share. Jitendra Kumar lives in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, however due to work and media organisations, Jitendra lives in New Delhi with his better half Anjali. Jitendra started his business in New Delhi after finishing school in Hathras. Jitendra Kumar is known as the founder of the Xpert Times and CEO of the Times of UP. Jitendra Kumar also made his life easier by facing challenges. Jitendra has an interesting and active family environment and her humorous and intelligent demeanour further inspires her throughout her career. We often know Jitendra Kumar as a social worker and writer.

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