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Dr Amrit Pattojoshi

Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi

Yatishni Singh

Quadruplets’ sister played by Yatishni Singh in Delhi Ki Sunny Leyoni

Kushal Kumar Kottary

Meet Kushal Kumar Kottary: The Businessman from Qatar Making Waves in the World of Cricket and Sustainability

Snehal Rajguru

Snehal Rajguru’s dream is to become a great singer

Robert James Arthur Diamond

Athletic Excellence Runs in the Family: Meet Coach Robert James Arthur Diamond

51 Influential Women Honored, Nation’s Choice Award, Nation's Choice Awards 2023, Influential Women 2023,

Nation’s Choice Awards “Influential Women 2023” Held in New Delhi

Politician Adil Almas,

Politician Adil Almas

Shavez Chaudhary

International Coach Shavez Chaudhary

Ameya Milind Rele

Young Mumbai Business Freelancer Ameya Milind Rele Takes the Industry by Storm

Dewayne Leon Leroy,

Dewayne Leon Leroy, the Businessman Living the High Life

Divyani Upare,

Divyani Upare has made a distinct identity in the fashion industry with hard work.

Mamta jha,

Mamta Jha’s dream is to become Mrs. World.

Anjali Arora won the title of Mrs. Delhi NCR Timeless Beauty.

Radhika Pathak,

Radhika Pathak won the title of State Ambassador of Maharashtra and Mrs. Feet in Mrs. India One in a Million Show 2022.

Chirantana Yuvraj

Chirantana Yuvraj has made a distinct identity in the fashion industry with her passion and hard work.

Rasmeet Kaur

Home baker Rasmeet Kaur has also made a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Amanpreet Kaur

Amanpreet Kaur, who played a lady police officer in Sacred Games, says she is not a feminist and believes that life is beautiful. The lady cop was in news recently for her hot and sexy avatar in Netflix show.

Manjishtha Gupta

Manjishtha Gupta won the title of Mrs. India Lifestyle Queen 2022

DR. Surya Haritha Sreekumar,

Dr Surya haritha sreekumar has published 10+ research paper and articles. Have done 75+ certificate course through various life sciences stream