Divyani Upare has made a distinct identity in the fashion industry with hard work.

Divyani Upare,
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Mrs. Divyani Upare from Maharashtra has successfully carved a niche for herself in the fashion industry through hard work. Divyani participated in Mrs. India One in a Million beauty pageant, in which Divyani won the title of Mrs. India West 2022 with her hard work and won the title of her success. Talking to the media, Divyani says that it was difficult to win this title but not impossible, so I kept my hard work and by crossing one round after another, I managed to reach my destination. I had come with a dream, I named that title after myself. Divyani further told that in this whole journey, my husband Bhupendra Upare and my whole family have supported me a lot, who encouraged me every moment, whatever I am today is because of them.

Divyani’s dream is to make other women aware so that they too can manage everything and fulfill their dreams because a woman can do other things along with running a house. Divani’s dream is to become the best model in future and to participate in shows on a large scale so that she can raise the name of the country. Divyani has so far achieved her success in other fields as well, along with civil engineer, Divyani has also been a national level player in table tennis and has been honored with The Real Super Woman Award and besides this Divyani has also won the award for Best Walk 2022 and Most Talented Personality.