Hattrick Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala received 3rd time Legendary Award. This time she received from International Cricketer Brett Lee.

Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala
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Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala, an entrepreneur, author, Global Peace Ambassador and World Human Rights Protection ambassador, has been making waves in the world of business and philanthropy. She has been honored with the prestigious Real Legendary Woman Award, which recognizes outstanding women who have made significant contributions to society.

This year, Dr. Amudala has received the legendary award three times, which is a testament to her exceptional achievements and dedication. She recently received the Top Prestigious Personality and Iconic Legend of the Year award from cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, the Most Popular and True Legend of the Year award from actor Sonu Sood, and the Trend Setter Award from Bollywood Singer Kumar Sanu. International Cricketer Brettly presented one of the awards to her.

Dr. Amudala has been an inspiration to many, and her dedication to global peace and human rights protection is truly commendable. Her work in promoting peace and harmony has touched the lives of countless people, and her entrepreneurial spirit has helped her to create a successful business that contributes positively to society.

Looking to the future, we can only hope that Dr. Amudala continues to be a shining light for generations to come. Her work in promoting peace, harmony, and human rights protection will undoubtedly continue to inspire and impact the lives of many. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making the world a better place are a beacon of hope in an often tumultuous world.

As we move forward into the future, we can only hope that more individuals like Dr. Amudala will emerge and continue to make a positive impact on society. With her inspiring example, we can all strive to make a difference in our own lives and communities, and work towards a brighter future for all.