“Hustle for that Muscle”. UAE’s famous fitness
training studio Retrofit Gym is coming soon in India.

“Hustle for that Muscle”. UAE’s famous fitness training studio Retrofit Gym is coming soon in India.

Retrofit Gym is making waves in the UAE as it provides a unique fitness experience
for those looking to stay fit and healthy. The cutting-edge gym makes use of highend equipment and knowledgeable trainers to provide a personalised workout
experience. With its successful track record of providing world-class fitness
experiences in the United Arab Emirates, Retrofit Gym is now planning to make
its India debut. The gym offers a range of fitness classes and equipment, along
with a unique approach to training. As well as providing top-notch facilities and
equipment, Retrofit Gym also offers nutritional advice, lifestyle coaching, and
personal training to help clients reach their fitness goals. With its ground-breaking
approach to fitness, Retrofit Gym is sure to bring a new level of training
experience to India and India will be able to enjoy the same quality service and
equipment as those found in the UAE.
“The retrofit gym is a revolutionary concept that brings high-end global fitness
styles to India”, says Najm Retro. Najm Retro is the founder of Retrofit gym, Retro
café and Retro sports. He is now helping thousands of people to transform their
bodies and minds with the help of his team RETROFIT. They focus on the idea of
‘hustle for that muscle’ and now are set to revolutionize the fitness industry in
India. Their services combine high-intensity workouts, such as HIIT and CrossFit,
with more traditional fitness methods like yoga and Pilates. This unique
combination of exercise styles allows for a personalized fitness plan tailored to
every individual’s goals. With the addition of Retrofit Gym to India’s fitness
landscape, fitness enthusiasts can now access a global level of training for the first
time. Retrofit also promises to bring in international fitness trends which were
earlier not available in India.