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Vinay Kumar Reddy Sarikondaa
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Full Name:Viinay Sarikonda
Also known asVinay Kumar Reddy Sarikondaa
Nick Name Tom
Known For:As Young Entrepreneur he contributed for many young start up Companies to grow High and supported to reach Globally. & As Humanitarian he worked in Covid times. He has undertaken many service programes in the background of outbreak of corona virus. He made headlines by providing medical kits, food kits and providing oxygen cylinders in places where there is a shortage of oxgen cylinders. He is the first person who has distributed medical kits , Food Kits, Oxygen Cyclinders and Required Materials To the Back Ward Areas , Remote Villages where there was no facilities to supply with 1000s of team Volunteers & Doctors .He become Sensational in india and globally. He received Appreciations and Awards Globally from Top Organisations. He was Appreciated By Central & State Governments. He Won Millions Of Hearts in India & Globally & Became Inspiration For Young Generation. He has Patented Technologies on Green Energy ,Pharmaceuticals and Automobile Products
Date of Birth:26 October, 1988
Age (as in 2023):34 Years Old
Place of Birth:Bhiknur, Telangana
Father:Bhoom Reddy Sarikonda
Mother:Vanaja Sarikonda
Education:Md In General Medicine
Alma Mater:School : Sree Vidya Peeth,  
College : Guntur Vikas Junior College
University: Lugansk State Medical University
University: University Of Maryland School Of Medicine
Occupations:Doctor, Entrepreneur, Businessman,  Humanitarian, Educationalist.
Zodiac Sun Sign:Scorpio
Zodiac Moon Sign:Aries

Early Life

Dr. Vinay Kumar Reddy Sarikondaa professionally know as Viinay Sarikonda. He was Born on 26 October 1988 in Small Village Bhiknur, Nizamabad District ,Telanagana in Traditional Family to Bhoom Reddy and Vanaja Sarikonda. He has younger sister Pooja Sarikonda . Vinay has added extra “i” in his name and spells it as viinay.

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He completed his education at Sree Vidya Peeth, Narketpally and did his Intermediate education from Guntur Vikas Junior College, Hyderabad and Graduated General Medicine in Lugansk State Medical University & University of Maryland School of Medicine. At earlier age he was excellent with communication skills and participated in 5th international level science talent examination in 2003 and secured 1st rank in school level and he passed 46th annual all india un information test conducted all over india by the council for un information , awing of united schools organisation of india on 30th august 2003. He participated in green olympiad 2004 sponsored by the ministry of environment and forests, government of india. He was multi talented and showed lot of interest in sports. He won many medals and awards in school level competitions in different sports like baseball, football, volleyball, hockey, kabbadi and cricket.

Business career

Quantumkore Innovation Inc {SBOX} USA Viinay sarikonda presently is the Director and South Asia Head. The quantum kore innovation{sbox} announces new patent to assist future construction on mars. Quantum kore innovation {sbox} has 3 different patents on green energy.

Databoss Inc Usa  is Director and Asia Pacific President. The company deals with technology consulting, business consulting , investment advisory, mergers and acqusitions. Databoss inc manages many public and nasdaq top listed companies and is collaborated with amplitech inc, hammer technology holdings , xeriant aerospace, erium, tgi power, jzz technologies, penerra, evt, smaart vehicle robotics, blis, fsd pharma, cb scientific inc , vayujet, pal-v , rocket fuel, quantum kore innovation inc, shubh , ealixir, coeptis therapeutics, sparcolife

Aeon Imagery Inc, Usa, He is Asia Pacific President. Aeon imagery is a film production company driven by artificial intelligence

Punjab Royals He owns a franchise Taekwonda Team- Punjab Royals. Viinay sarikonda is the owner of taekwonda premier league(tpl) team , punjab royals. Punjab royals won 3rd place, winning a bronze medal on 24th june 2023 in taekwonda premier league.

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He is Director for 3 startup Companies In India

Sri Maathangeswari Pvt Ltd

Sri Varala Srinivaasa Pvt Ltd

Merit Maxx Hospitals Pvt Ltd

Advisory Board of Companies & Organisations

Ealixir Inc, Usa

Priyadarshini Mangavargiya Vikas Mahila Mandal

Indo European Business Council (Chamber of Commerce)

European Digital University He is a Vice Chancellor for european digital university. This university educates students online for latest technologies and future technologies. This university is established in dubai, usa, canada , iceland and australia.

Global Peace League (GPL) He organised cricket league know as global peace league (GPL) in sharajah, united arab emirates. Its main objective was to promote sports and tourism through education in uae. GPL promoted sports, education and tourism for prospective students by reaching out to all universities around the world. UAE government has provided full support to GPL to organise more matches in future for development of students world wide. Through GPL many students came from india to participate in cricket, tourism and education . Meanwhile GPL has organised 5 days course for students to promote sports through education.


Shri Ram Janmabhoomi

He was appointed as National Chief Organiser. He played a top role in south india in collection of funds for construction of Ayodhya  Ram Mandir. Several teams have been appointed by him for construction of ram mandir and toured south india .The temple opening in 2024 will have a huge impact on his social contributions.

Society For Education & Rural Development

He is Vice Chairman. It is a non profit organisation founded in 1998 in Tirupathi .This organisation gives education for the poor who cannot afford for education and food. This trust is educating 100s of students yearly.

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Shree Govardhan Gau Seva Prakalp

He is Managing Director. It is a non profitable organisation.this organisation has rescued 1000s of cows and saved many cows from slaughter houses . This organisation is maintaining 500 Gau Mata as a social responsibility.

Aid During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Viinay sarikonda is doctor by profession. He turned as humanitarian in pandemic situation. Viinay sarikonda has undertaken many service programes in the background of outbreak of corona virus. He made headlines by providing medical kits, food kits and providing oxygen cylinders in places where there is a shortage of oxgen cylinders. Viinay sarikonda has won millions of hearts in india and became inspiration for young generation. He has become hero for slum,back ward areas and remote areas of south india.despite of his young age he has served many needy people . He has spent lakhs of rupees for the treatment of dangerous disease with his own money and conducted many social awarness programs. The kits was distributed to more than 1lakh people in karnataka, telanagana, goa , tamilnadu and some parts of maharastra which has helped many villages, back ward areas and slums where there was no facilities for food and health with 1000s of team volunters and doctors. Viinay sarikonda came forward to help the people and gave support to needy people and motivated people to live in this situation without fear gave hope to many people. Viinay sarikonda got huge team of support with 1000s of volunters and social workers who came forward to support the back ward and remote areas. Viinay sarikonda got huge fame on his social contributions to society in pandemic situation. He was appreciated by central and state governments. Viinay sarikonda name has reached globally on his social works for poor and he was appointed in 2021 as Deputy Head of Mission for India from World Humanity Commmission, Florida ,Usa & International Peace Ambassador, UPF, United Nations Relations, Usa.

Awards and honours

2021 Deputy Head of Mission for India – World Humanity Commission

2021 International Peace Ambassador – United Peace Federation

2022 Innovative Healthcare, Humanitarian & Entrepreneur of the year – Global awards received by Monoj Tiwari & Esha Deol

2022 Best Sports Organiser – Sharjah Cricket Association

2022 Best Educationalist of the year – Masterminds Business School

2022 Smaart Vehicle Robotics – Most  Innovative, Comfort,luxurious Electric Vehicle Of The Year – Atal Achievements Awards -Awarded By Central Ministers in Vigyan Bhawan

2023 International Film and Television Club Award – Asian Academy of Film and Television Awarded by Sandeep Marwah

2023 Most iconic & Influential Personality of The Year – Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Inspiration Awards- Awarded by Mary Kom & Central Ministers

2023 International Business & Management Research Centre Award – Asian Business School

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