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Yash Suryavanshi
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Full Name:Yash Suryavanshi
Nick Name:Yashraj
Profession:Finance Consultant
Known For:Investing Expertise, Trading Strategies, Political Engagement, Social Work, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurship
Date of Birth:30 August, 2003
Age (as in 2023):20 Years Old
Place of Birth:Chiplun, Ratnagiri
Father:Rajaram Suryavanshi
Mother:Sunita Suryavanshi
Relative:Kaustubh Jangam
Education:Bachelor of Business Administration (NMIMS University).
Bachelor Of Data Science (IIT Madras) Pursuing.
Bachelor Of Technology (Munich University) Pursuing.
Diploma In Corporate Finance (Yale University US).
Alma Mater:University Of Munich Germany
Occupations:Finance Consultancy, Charity Firm , Finance Management Teacher
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius

Short Biography

Yash Suryavanshi, a name that resonates with financial acumen, political engagement, and social responsibility, has carved a unique path for himself. Born on August 30, 2003, in the remote village of Chiplun, Maharashtra, Yash’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned Financial Consultant and Philanthropist is nothing short of inspiring. His remarkable expertise in investing, trading strategies, leadership skills, and unwavering commitment to social work have earned him a distinguished place in the world of finance and beyond.

Social Media Profiles are:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rajendra.suryawanshi.9231?mibextid=b06tZ0

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/y_a_s_h_u__the__coolboy2003/?igshid=MmIzYWVlNDQ5Yg%3D%3D

Linkedin: : https://www.linkedin.com/in/yash-suryawanshi09876-7b90a3237

Website: https://yashsuryavanshi.com/